i5/OS V5R4 Virtual Tape: A Guide to Planning and Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication


In this IBM Redbooks publication we provide a detailed explanation of the new virtual tape support provided by i5/OS V5R4. We cover the concepts, planning, and use of virtual tape support.
Backup and Recovery Media Services (BRMS) is an important program product for System i5 customers to enable management of their system and data backups. This publication describes how BRMS uses the new virtual tape support for virtual backups.
This book is intended for IBM, Business Partner and customer technical professionals who will be planning, implementing, and operating virtual tape support.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to virtual tape
Chapter 2. Planning for virtual tape
Chapter 3. Implementing virtual tape storage
Chapter 4. Multiple virtual tape scenarios
Chapter 5. Saving Domino with BRMS and virtual tape
Chapter 6. BRMS and virtual tape
Chapter 7. BRMS and virtual tape working from the Navigator
Chapter 8. Debugging examples using the GUI
Appendix A. Block sizes
Appendix B. Sample command language
Appendix C. Quick start guide


Publish Date
04 August 2006

Last Update
06 March 2008

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