CICS VR Version 4

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Published 27 May 2008

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ISBN-10: 0738485918
ISBN-13: 9780738485911
IBM Form #: SG24-7022-01
(410 pages)

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Authors: Chris Rayns, Peter Klein, Valery Koulajenkov, Maxim Stognev, John Tilling, Tatiana Zhbannikova


CICS VSAM Recovery Version 4.2 (CICS VR) can help you to recover CICS and batch VSAM data from physical or logical corruption. CICS VR allows you to recover from errors quickly, reduces the risk that off-line processing might exceed its batch window, and improves the availability of your online CICS systems.

With CICS VR, you can:

-- Perform automated recovery.
-- Invoke the backup process from the CICS VR panel interface to allow both sharp and fuzzy backups (when enabled).
-- Pre-allocate the target data set prior to restoring from a backup.
-- Manage authorization for the panel interface to limit access to specific tasks by user ID.
-- Test forward recovery and backout procedures to enable testing of recovery processes without affecting production data.
-- Create disaster recovery reports to allow customers to review and validate what is needed at a remote site.
-- Manage log streams.

This IBM Redbooks publication reviews how to install, customize, and implement CICS VR in your environment. It also looks at usage scenarios and new functions that are available with CICS VR 4.2.

Table of contents

Part 1. CICS VR functionality
Chapter 1. An introduction to CICS VR
Chapter 2. CICS VR panels
Part 2. CICS VR installation and customization
Chapter 3. CICS VR installation
Chapter 4. CICS VR integration
Part 3. CICS VR usage scenarios
Chapter 5. CICS VR in a CICS TS environment
Chapter 6. CICS VR VSAM batch logging
Chapter 7. Disaster recovery
Part 4. New functions in CICS VR V4
Chapter 8. CICS VR automated recovery
Chapter 9. Automatic and manual log of logs scan
Chapter 10. Log Stream Copy utility enhancements
Chapter 11. Backup control enhancements
Part 5. Appendixes
Appendix A. Additional information about APARS
Appendix B. Problem diagnosis
Appendix C. Sample program, VSAMBUPD

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