IBM eServer iSeries Independent ASPs: A Guide to Moving Applications to IASPs

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 16 May 2003

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ISBN-10: 0738425745
ISBN-13: 9780738425740
IBM Form #: SG24-6802-00
(230 pages)

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Authors: Nick Harris, Doug Bidwell, Darryl Conner, Manfred Englebart, Alan Kennedy, Stu Preacher


This IBM® IBM Redbooks publication explains how to install and configure the new independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP) functionality of OS/400® V5R2. It is designed to help IBM technical professionals, Business Partners, and Customers understand and implement IASP in the IBM eServer iSeries server and under OS/400 V5R2.

In addition, this book provides the background information that is necessary to plan, implement, and customize this functionality to your particular environment. It provides advice on running native OS/400 applications with either application data or most application objects residing in an IASP. Considering you can also use IASPs in a cluster environment, this book shows you the basic steps to make your IASP switchable between two iSeries servers in a high-speed link (HSL) loop.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs)
Chapter 2. Planning for IASPs
Chapter 3. Configuration examples
Chapter 4. Application considerations
Chapter 5. Configuration and management
Chapter 6. Stand-alone IASP setup
Chapter 7. Switchable setup
Chapter 8. Installing applications
Chapter 9. An implementation example
Chapter 10. SAP in an IASP
Chapter 11. Backup and recovery
Appendix A. Prerequisite steps
Appendix B. Planning checklists
Appendix C. Disk unit selection criteria
Appendix D. The SETASPGRP command
Appendix E. Command-to-Navigator cross reference
Appendix F. Supported and unsupported objects, APIs

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