IBM System Storage DS6000 Series: Architecture and Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 09 November 2006, updated 14 November 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738496995
ISBN-13: 9780738496993
IBM Form #: SG24-6781-02
(512 pages)

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Authors: Bertrand Dufrasne, Gustavo Castets, Stephen Baird, Werner Bauer, Denise Brown, Jana Jamsek, Wenzel Kalabza, Peter Klee, Markus Oscheka, Ying Thia, Robert Tondini


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the architecture, implementation, and setup of the IBM System Storage DS6000 series of storage servers. The book itemizes the information needed to plan a successful installation, both from the client and the installer perspectives. We include a basic review of the architecture, and provide references to both printed materials and Web based information sources. The information contained in this book is useful for those preparing to install and manage IBM System Storage DS6000 storage servers.

The DS6000 series is a development of the Enterprise Storage Server, and extends the high-performance and virtualization capabilities to the mid-range customer set. The DS6000 has a modular architecture and utilizes a 19-inch rack form factor.

We describe the configuration process, using tools such as the DS Storage Manager Graphical User Interface and the DS Command Line Interface. Together with detailed planning information, these tools enable efficient configuration of the DS6000 series. Many examples are included to illustrate their use in setting up this powerful storage subsystem.

Table of contents

Part 1. Concepts and architecture
Chapter 1. Introduction to the DS6000 series
Chapter 2. Hardware components
Chapter 3. RAS: reliability, availability, serviceability
Chapter 4. Virtualization concepts
Chapter 5. Copy Services
Part 2. Planning and installation
Chapter 6. Physical planning and installation
Chapter 7. SMC planning and setup
Chapter 8. Features and license keys
Part 3. Storage configuration
Chapter 9. Configuration flow
Chapter 10. Configuration with DS Storage Manager GUI
Chapter 11. Using the Express configuration wizard
Chapter 12. Using the Simulated manager
Chapter 13. Configuration with DS CLI
Chapter 14. Preferred path concept
Chapter 15. Performance considerations
Part 4. Host considerations
Chapter 16. Considerations for open systems
Chapter 17. System z considerations
Chapter 18. System i considerations
Part 5. Management, maintenance, and upgrades
Chapter 19. Managing problems and repairs
Chapter 20. Microcode update
Chapter 21. Monitoring the DS6000 with SNMP
Chapter 22. Secure remote support
Chapter 23. Capacity upgrades
Appendix A. Data migration
Appendix B. Tools
Appendix C. Project plan

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