IBM AIX 5L Reference for HP-UX System Administrators

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 16 March 2006, updated 26 November 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738492612
ISBN-13: 9780738492612
IBM Form #: SG24-6767-00
(604 pages)

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Authors: Dino Quintero, Harrison Leal, Geoffrey Mattes, Manoj Sooka


The AIX 5L Differences Guide Version 5.2, SG24-5765-02, and AIX 5L Differences Guide Version 5.3, SG24-7463-00, are excellent references for learning about AIX 5L. No matter what your skill level of UNIX, you will be able to use the AIX 5L Differences Guides as a starting point into many of the newest features of AIX 5L.

This IBM Redbooks publication concentrates on providing experienced systems administrators in one flavor of UNIX (either HP-UX or AIX 5L) with a jump start into easy administration of the other. We concentrate on HP-UX 11i Version 1 (also known as HP-UX 11.11) as we had no access to the Integrity platform (Itanium family of processors) to allow any hands-on testing with HP-UX 11i Version 2 (also known as HP-UX 11.23). There are sections of this book that touch on HP-UX 11i Version 2 to explain, where possible, the differences in concepts between Version 11, Version 2, and AIX 5L.

Many of the examples given for both HP-UX and AIX 5L concentrate on the actual command line rather than from the available GUIs for the respective operating systems. The command line provides a closer feel for what is actually happening on the machine.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Software packaging
Chapter 3 Installaling and upgrading tasks
Chapter 4 System startup and shutdown
Chapter 5 Device management
Chapter 6 Logical Volume Manager and disk management
Chapter 7 File system management
Chapter 8 Backup and restore
Chapter 9 Network management
Chapter 10 User management
Chapter 11 Printing management
Chapter 12 Process management
Chapter 13 Security
Chapter 14 Performance management
Chapter 15 Troubleshooting
Appendix A AIX 5L Object Data Manager (ODM)

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