IBM System Storage Business Continuity Solutions Overview

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This IBM Redbooks publication presents an overview and descriptions of IBM System Storage Business Continuity Solutions for Backup / Restore, Rapid Data Recovery, and Continuous Availability.

IT Business Continuity concepts are discussed; advice, tips, and a roadmap for selecting the optimum IT Business Continuity solution for your organization is provided.

IBM System Storage products are described that can fulfill your IT Business Continuity solution design. This book is a summary of the detailed information contained in IBM TotalStorage Business Continuity Solutions Guide, SG24-6547 and IBM System Storage Business Continuity: Part 2 Solutions Guide, SG24-6548.

Table of contents

Part 1. Business Continuity principles
Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Continuity in an On Demand World
Chapter 2. Selecting Business Continuity solutions
Part 2. Business Continuity solution offerings
Chapter 3. Continuous Availability
Chapter 4. Rapid Data Recovery
Chapter 5. Backup and Restore
Part 3. End-to-end Business Continuity solution components
Chapter 6. Networking and inter-site connectivity options
Chapter 7. High-availability clusters and database applications
Chapter 8. Business Continuity for small and medium sized business
Appendix A. Tiers of Business Continuity
Appendix B. IBM System Storage Components and Copy Services
Appendix C. Tivoli Storage Manager family overview
Appendix D. Services and planning


Publish Date
16 February 2007

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