IBM System Storage Business Continuity: Part 1 Planning Guide

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Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 07 March 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738489700
ISBN-13: 9780738489704
IBM Form #: SG24-6547-03
(416 pages)

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Authors: Charlotte Brooks, Clem Leung, Aslam Mirza, Curtis Neal, Yin Lei Qiu, John Sing, Francis TH Wong, Ian R Wright


A disruption to your critical business processes could leave the entire business exposed. Today's organizations face ever-escalating customer demands and expectations. There is no room for downtime. You need to provide your customers with continuous service because your customers have a lot of choices. Your competitors are standing ready to take your place. As you work hard to grow your business, you face the challenge of keeping your business running without a glitch. To remain competitive, you need a resilient IT infrastructure.

This IBM Redbooks publication introduces the importance of Business Continuity in today's IT environments. It provides a comprehensive guide to planning for IT Business Continuity and can help you design and select an IT Business Continuity solution that is right for your business environment.

We discuss the concepts, procedures, and solution selection for Business Continuity in detail, including the essential set of IT Business Continuity requirements that you need to identify a solution. We also present a rigorous Business Continuity Solution Selection Methodology that includes a sample Business Continuity workshop with step-by-step instructions in defining requirements. This book is meant as a central resource book for IT Business Continuity planning and design.

The companion title to this book, IBM System Storage Business Continuity: Part 2 Solutions Guide, SG24-6548, describes detailed product solutions in the System Storage Resiliency Portfolio.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Industry Business Continuity trends and directions
Chapter 3. Business Continuity planning, processes, and execution
Chapter 4. Tier levels of Business Continuity solutions
Chapter 5. Business Continuity Solution Selection Methodology
Chapter 6. The Next Step Business Continuity workshop
Chapter 7. Next Step Business Continuity workshop: Case Study
Chapter 8. Planning for Business Continuity in a heterogeneous IT environment
Chapter 9. Business Continuity for small and medium sized business
Chapter 10. Networking and inter-site connectivity options
Chapter 11. High Availability clusters and database applications
Appendix A. Business Continuity Solution Selection Methodology matrixes
Appendix B. Terms and definitions
Appendix C. Services and planning
Appendix D. Networking terminology tutorial

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