Parallel Sysplex Application Considerations

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Published 01 November 2004

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ISBN-10: 0738424064
ISBN-13: 9780738424064
IBM Form #: SG24-6523-00
(202 pages)

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Authors: Franck Injey, Jordi Alastrue i Soler, Mark Anders, Karl Bender, Amardeep Bhattal, Paolo Bruni, Andy Clifton, John Iczkovits, Pirooz Joodi, Vasilis Karras, Andy Mitchelmore, Robert Queen, Mark Rader, Mayur Raja, Pete Siddall, Jens Erik Wendelboe


This IBM IBM Redbooks publication introduces a top-down architectural mindset that extends considerations of IBM z/OS Parallel Sysplex to the application level, and provides a broad understanding of the application development and migration considerations for IMS, DB2, Transactional VSAM, CICS, and MQ applications.

Parallel computing and data sharing technologies are playing a major role in e-business computing. Despite their compelling capabilities, however, these technologies are virtually unknown within the application architect and developer communities and are deployed more like operational enhancement technologies, with limited application involvement. Parallel Sysplex deployment models often expressly attempt to segregate the application environment from the underlying environment.

But today’s software engineering principles recommend that you view applications to be designed as the drivers for availability and data sharing requirements for any technology. This publication explains how to achieve this objective by designing applications to exploit the capabilities of Parallel Sysplex.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Parallel Sysplex
Chapter 2. Application design
Chapter 3. DB2 application considerations
Chapter 4. DFSMStvs application considerations
Chapter 5. CICS application considerations
Chapter 6. IMS application Considerations
Chapter 7. WebSphere MQ application considerations
Chapter 8. Implementation and migration

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