MQSeries Publish/Subscribe Applications

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Published 25 September 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738423149
ISBN-13: 9780738423142
IBM Form #: SG24-6282-00
(236 pages)

Authors: Mark Perry


Publish and Subscribe is an effective way of disseminating information to multiple users. Publish/Subscribe applications can help to enormously simplify the task of getting business messages and transactions to a wide, dynamic and potentially large audience in a timely manner.
This IBM Redbooks publication positions the MQSeries Publish/Subscribe to MQSeries Integrator Publish/ Subscribe.
It will help you create, tailor and configure an application from publishing data through to subscribing via web pages.
The books provides a broad understanding of a building and running an entire publish/subscribe solution.
It will help give you a quick start to design and create a solution and then migrate it from MQSeries Publish/Subscribe to MQSeries Integrator Publish/Subscribe.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to publish/subscribe
Chapter 2. Technical overview
Chapter 3. Example application
Chapter 4. The publish/subscribe application
Chapter 5. Migration to MQSeries Integrator
Chapter 6. Web enablement
Chapter 7. Advanced Web enablement
Chapter 8. Conclusions

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