Java and WebSphere Performance on IBM eServer iSeries Servers

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides tips, techniques, and methodologies for working with Java and WebSphere Application Server performance-related issues with a specific focus on iSeries servers. The intended audience includes iSeries system performance experts and WebSphere Application Server and Java developers. This book attempts to provide you with a comprehensive and accessible resource that has gathered information usually found in a number of disparate sources and placed them in a single reference.

The performance measurements that are published in this book are done by using a Java application that runs on WebSphere Application Server Release 3.5.4 and 4.0 and OS/400 V5R1. This book includes these topics:

- An introduction to the Java and WebSphere Application Server execution environment on the iSeries
- OS/400 work management and tuning in Java/WebSphere Application Server environment
- Tuning WebSphere Application Server and Web server (HTTP server)
- Performance tips for application development and deployment
- Sizing and capacity planning
- Recommended tools to use for performance analysis and planning
- A case study that shows an example of performance management methodology and tuning

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Java execution environment on iSeries servers
Chapter 3. Performance methodology and tools
Chapter 4. Tuning iSeries for a WebSphere or Java environment
Chapter 5. Tuning HTTP server and WebSphere Application Server
Chapter 6. Java and WebSphere application design
Chapter 7. Case study
Chapter 8. Scaling the WebSphere environment
Chapter 9. Sizing and capacity planning


Publish Date
27 February 2002

Last Update
05 March 2002

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