C/C++ Applications on z/OS and OS/390 UNIX

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 26 December 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738424544
ISBN-13: 9780738424545
IBM Form #: SG24-5992-01
(226 pages)

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Authors: Michael MacIsaac, Ralph Best, Johan Koppernaes, Ka Yin Lam, Raymond Mak, Daniel Prevost, George Reid


In this IBM Redbooks publication, we focus on how to move applications written in C/C++ from other UNIX operating systems to z/OS UNIX System Services. We highlight the traditional strengths of z/OS, and describe some of the subsystems not always found on other UNIX variations. We address application development tools, the C/C++ compiler, and open source development code such as the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) and the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE). We also suggest some performance tuning techniques.
Finally, a "real world" port of a C/C++ application is detailed. First we describe the application itself, and then discuss the following aspects of the port:
Before What we did to set up the application development environment
During Which issues we encountered while porting to z/OS
After How we tuned the application once it was running
In conclusion, we summarize our overall findings. Many additional appendixes are included for reference such as:
- A comparison of z/OS and GNU compilers and make tools
- OS/390 C/C++ compiler ASCII support
- STLPort information
- Discussion of dumps
- Performance analyzer output
- OS/390 UNIX Porting Guide - process management

Table of contents

Chapter 1. z/OS and OS/390 tools
Chapter 2. UNIX and C/C++ basics in z/OS
Chapter 3. z/OS UNIX development tools
Chapter 4. z/OS C/C++ compiler
Chapter 5. Standard C++ Library
Chapter 6. Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE)
Chapter 7. Performance and tuning techniques
Chapter 8. net.TABLES Application
Chapter 9. Establishing a development environment
Chapter 10. Porting net.TABLES
Chapter 11. Tuning net.TABLES
Chapter 12. Conclusions from net.TABLES port
Chapter 13. Porting Xalan-C++
Appendix A. Sample code
Appendix B. Comparison of z/OS and GNU compiler and make tools
Appendix C. OS/390 C/C++ compiler ASCII support
Appendix D. STLPort
Appendix E. Dumps
Appendix F. Performance analyzer output
Appendix G. Bit field
Appendix H. OS/390 UNIX Porting Guide - process management

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