e-business Solutions for VSE/ESA

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Published 01 June 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738417068
ISBN-13: 9780738417066
IBM Form #: SG24-5662-00
(200 pages)

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Authors: Annegret Ackel


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the e-business options available to VSE customers to open their VSE environments to the e-business world. It offers a broad understanding of 2-tier and 3-tier solutions and of the products you need to implement these solutions.
For the 2-tier solution, the use of products like IpServer from Data 21, Inc. and Web/VSE-Host from IntelliWare Systems, Inc. is described. The 3-tier solution is based on the IBM Application Framework for e-business and is implemented through a set of e-business connectors. These include CICS connectors (CICS Transaction Gateway), MQSeries connectors (MQSeries Client for Java) or DB2 connectors (DB2 for VSE & VM and DB2 Connect).
This book will help you plan for an e-business transition. Detailed examples will help you install, configure, and set up the required products.
The book is based on a business scenario that was developed to illustrate how the products implementing the IBM Application Framework for e-business can be used to develop e-business applications. You will learn how Friendly Foods - a fictitious company - accomplished the transition, step-by-step, from a traditionally operating company to an e-business enterprise. The provided examples can readily be adopted by companies of different industries.

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 The Friendly Foods scenario
Ch. 3 Consumer marketing
Ch. 4 Account self-service and account tracking
Ch. 5 Integration with service providers
Ch. 6 Business integration with suppliers
Ch. 7 Options for a 2-tier solution
Ch. 8 Summary and outlook
App. A e-business technologies
App. B Sample programs

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