AS/400 HTTP Server Performance and Capacity Planning

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Published 28 January 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738415367
ISBN-13: 9780738415369
IBM Form #: SG24-5645-00
(222 pages)

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Authors: Gottfried Schimunek, Erich Noriega, Greg Paswindar, George Weaver


The Internet and Web browser-based applications have had a profound impact on how organizations distribute information, perform business processes, service customers, and reach new markets. At the heart of this is your HTTP server and Web-enabled data and applications. This IBM Redbooks publication is intended for AS/400 programmers, network and system management professionals, and other information technologists that are responsible for designing, developing, and deploying Web-based applications and information systems. You will find a holistic approach to Web server and application performance for the key components of your solution.

This book discusses such key components as:
- The Web browser client
- Network and communications infrastructure
- Application characteristics, such as static or dynamically generated Web pages
- AS/400 server processor, memory, disk storage, and communications resources

The focus is on enabling you to create a sound methodology as a continual process for sizing and planning your Web application and HTTP server environment. This includes giving you the ability to:

- Measure the right data
- Correlate application transaction events, such as Web hits, to the measured data
- Analyze resource usage and transaction times

Table of contents

Chapter 1. AS/400 HTTP server performance overview
Chapter 2. Characteristics of Web-based applications
Chapter 3. Performance measurement and analysis tools
Chapter 4. Correlation of measured performance data
Chapter 5. Security implications and performance
Chapter 6. Sizing Web-based applications
Chapter 7. Capacity planning for Web-based applications
Chapter 8. Web application performance considerations
Appendix A. IBM application framework for e-business
Appendix B. Getting more detailed assistance
Appendix C. Web serving performance measurements

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