AIX Logical Volume Manager from A to Z: Introduction and Concepts

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LVM: Logical Volume Manager. What is its role in the AIX operating System? How does it perform this function? Its role is to control disk resources by mapping data between a more simple and flexible logical view of storage space and the actual physical disks.

How it performs this function is a topic vast enough to fill two books. This first volume, AIX Logical Volume Manager, from A to Z: Introduction and Concepts describes the basic components and defines physical volumes, including volume groups and logical volumes. This book also describes the advanced functions of the Logical Volume Manager, such as the mirroring to increase the availability of the data, the striping to spread data across several disks and increase the performance in accessing large amounts of sequential data, or the online backup function included in AIX Version 4.3.2.

This book is aimed at every IT specialist who wants to know more about the core element of AIX, which is the Logical Volume Manager.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Components of the logical volume manager
Chapter 2. Mirroring
Chapter 3. Striping
Chapter 4. Concurrent access volume groups
Chapter 5. The AIX journaled file system
Chapter 6. Backups
Chapter 7. Performance


Publish Date
20 January 2000

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26 February 2013

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