Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV? A Sorcerer's Guide to System Access and More

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This IBM Redbooks publication is focused on RPG IV as a modern, thriving, and rich application development language for the 21st century. It is written for those AS/400 system programmers that are in the cusp between RPG/400 and RPG IV and are looking for hints and tips to make the move forward worth their while. This book promises to drop little golden nuggets of information in the form of code samples and style guidelines. Picking up each golden nugget will lead you step-by-step down the path that will eventually allow you to take full advantage of RPG IV and the Integrated Language Environment (ILE). Even the most experienced RPG IV programmer will find something useful in this book.

***Update Notice***
The SSERVER3 and SCLIENT3 example program as an example of multiple I/O between one server and multiple clients was not correct and has been updated. The updated sections are marked by change bars in Sections 5.5.5 and 5.5.6.

In addition, we updated the RPGISCOOL library SAVF found under Additional materials on the IBM Redbooks Web site. See Appendix A "Example RPG IV programs on the Web" for instructions to download these examples. The source files in library RPGISCOOL file SCKSRC that have been updated are: SCKSELF, SCKCPY, SCLIENT3, SSERVER3, SCLIENT3B, and SSERVER3B.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. An introduction to RPG IV
Chapter 2. Programming RPG IV with style
Chapter 3. Subprocedures
Chapter 4. An ILE guide for the RPG programmer
Chapter 5. Exploring new ways to exploit your AS/400 system
Chapter 6. Database access with RPG IV
Chapter 7. A modern tool for a modern language: CODE/400
Chapter 8. VisualAge for RPG as a GUI for RPG applications
Appendix A. Example RPG IV programs on the Web
Appendix B. An introduction to the Integrated File System (IFS)
Appendix C. PTFs for *SRCSTMT and *NODEBUGIO


Publish Date
07 February 2000

Last Update
25 April 2000

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