Java Application Development for CICS

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We wrote this IBM® Redbooks publication for clients who implement the Java™ language support that is provided by CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® V3.2. Our prime audience is CICS and z/OS system programmers who provide support for Java application development and Java application programmers who need a gentle introduction to Java development for CICS.

In this book, we assume that you have knowledge of z/OS, CICS, UNIX® System Services, and Java.

We start by reviewing the basic concepts of the z/OS, CICS TS V3.2, and Java environments, and introduce new terminology. We then discuss the software and hardware requirements for developing and executing Java applications in CICS TS V3.2. Next we show you how to customize the application development environment, UNIX System Services, MVS™, and CICS.

Additionally, we briefly discuss three possible application development roadmaps: Java application programs that use CICS services, IIOP server applications, and CICS Enterprise Beans.

Subsequent chapters contain an expanded explanation and examples of Java application programs that use CICS services and how to use CICS-supplied Java class library and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM™).

We then present a CICS business application that has presentation and business logic.

Finally, we provide guidance on debugging and problem determination.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Java Virtual Machine support in CICS
Part 2. Systems Programming
Chapter 3. Setting up CICS to run Java applications
Part 3. Java programming for CICS
Chapter 4. Getting started
Chapter 5. Writing Java 5 applications for CICS
Chapter 6. The Java CICS API
Chapter 7. Evolving a heritage application using Java
Chapter 8. Problem determination and debugging
Chapter 9. Performance for Java in CICS Transaction Server Version 3
Chapter 10. Performance tools for Java in CICS Transaction Server Version 3
Part 4. Appendix
Appendix A. JCICS exception mapping
Appendix B. Hints and tips
Appendix C. Resettable JVM


Publish Date
24 February 2009

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20 March 2009

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