J.D. Edwards OneWorld Implementation for AS/400

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Published 13 July 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738417300
ISBN-13: 9780738417301
IBM Form #: SG24-5195-01
(906 pages)

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Authors: Aco Vidovic, Dave Anderson, Leann Anderson, Jon Auger, John Dulek, Gerrie Fisk, Rob Jump, Bob Reynolds, Gottfried Schimunek, Whit Smith, Todd Thomsen, Randall West, Ken Wettlaufer


The J.D. Edwards OneWorld Implementation for AS/400 IBM Redbooks publication offers a collection of knowledge gained from J.D. Edwards consultants and AS/400 professionals who have experience with WorldSoftware, OneWorld, and the AS/400 system. This is a detailed guide that explains the concepts, as well as specific tasks associated with implementation of OneWorld on the AS/400 system with OS/400 V4R4. This book is designed to assist technical people among J.D. Edwards OneWorld customers, OneWorld consultants, business partners, and IBM service representatives. It targets these professionals who are directly involved with the implementation of a total business solution consisting of AS/400 hardware, OS/400, DB2 UDB for AS/400 database, OneWorld solutions, and supplemental solution products.

Table of contents

Part 1. Understanding the products
Chapter 1. Introduction to J.D. Edwards
Chapter 2. Introduction to IBM AS/400
Chapter 3. OneWorld internal architecture
Chapter 4. Configurable Network Computing (CNC)
Chapter 5. OneWorld implementation designs
Chapter 6. Database
Chapter 7. Work management
Part 2. Implementation
Chapter 8. Pre-installation and planning
Chapter 9. OneWorld installation and maintenance
Chapter 10. WorldSoftware and OneWorld
Chapter 11. Client Access Express and OneWorld
Chapter 12. Operations
Chapter 13. OneWorld package management
Chapter 14. Printing
Chapter 15. Security
Chapter 16. Backup and recovery
Chapter 17. National language support
Part 3. Faster, smoother, easier...
Chapter 18. The Integrated Netfinity Server and OneWorld
Chapter 19. Data replication and data migration
Chapter 20. Server-to-server communication
Chapter 21. Performance management
Chapter 22. Problem identification and solution
Part 4. Appendixes
Appendix A. Adding a user auxiliary storage pool
Appendix B. TCP/IP basic installation and configuration
Appendix C. National language versions on AS/400 systems
Appendix D. Interprocess communication (IPC)
Appendix E. Support structure
Appendix F. Complementary products

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