Linux for S/390

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Published 29 September 2000, updated 21 March 2002

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ISBN-10: 0738419141
ISBN-13: 9780738419145
IBM Form #: SG24-4987-00
(568 pages)

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Authors: Erich Amrehn, Joerg Arndt, Dave Bennin, Mark Cathcart, Richard Higson, Cliff Laking, Richard Lewis, Michael MacIsaac, Susan Matuszewski, Hans Dieter Mertiens, Eugene Ong, Eric Schabell


The strengths of S/390 are well known: rock-solid reliability, the ability to run multiple diverse workloads, and highly scalable technology make S/390 an ideal choice for hosting key e-business applications. Now Linux has joined the S/390 family of operating systems, bringing a wealth of open source applications, middleware, and trained developers to help you respond to your business challenges quicker than ever before.

This IBM Redbooks publication will help you install Linux for S/390 in different environments, and documents basic system administration tasks that help you manage your Linux for S/390 system. It also provides an introduction to a wide range of services such as Samba, NFS, and Apache. You will learn what each service is, what it is capable of, and how to install it.

The book covers Linux for S/390 Marist distribution (2.2.15).

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Technology and business
Ch. 2 Open source
Ch. 3 Why Linux
Ch. 4 Linux distributions
Ch. 5 Native S/390 installation and operation of Linux
Ch. 6 VM installation and operation of Linux for S/390
Ch. 7 Installing SuSE Linux on S/390
Ch. 8 Linux for S/390 bootup and shutdown
Ch. 9 Linux for S/390 administration
Ch. 10 Backup
Ch. 11 System maintenance and upgrade
Ch. 12 Changing your root device
Ch. 13 Hardware connectivity
Ch. 14 Linux TCP/IP connectivity
Ch. 15 Linux for S/390 connectivity to VM, OS/390, VSE
Ch. 16 Development tools
Ch. 17 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Ch. 18 Domain Name Service (DNS)
Ch. 19 Network File System (NFS)
Ch. 20 Samba
Ch. 21 The Apache Web Server
Ch. 22 Firewall configuration
Ch. 23 Printing with Linux
Ch. 24 Linux security issues
Ch. 25 Sources of help and information
Ch. 26 Monitoring the system
App. A Intel architecture, S/390 architecture
App. B VM/ESA virtual machine
App. C Linux for S/390 I/O implementation
App. D The parameter file
App. E Troubleshooting and avoiding pitfalls

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