Backup Recovery and Media Services for OS/400: A Practical Approach

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Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 19 February 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738422231
ISBN-13: 9780738422237
IBM Form #: SG24-4840-01
(358 pages)

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Authors: Susan Powers, Scott Buttel, Amit Dave, Rolf Hahn, Derek McBryde, Edelgard Schittko, Tony Storry, Gunnar Svensson, Mervyn Venter


This IBM Redbooks publication preserves the valuable information from the first edition of A Practical Approach to Managing Backup Recovery and Media Services for OS/400, SG24-4840, which is based on CISC implementations. The updates in this edition were made to reflect the documentation and URL values that were available at the time of publication.

This publication is unique in its detailed coverage of using BRMS/400 with tape libraries within a single AS/400 CISC system, or within multiple AS/400 CISC configurations across multiple levels of OS/400 ranging from OS/400 V3R1 to and through OS/400 V3R7. Coverage for BRMS for OS/400 for RISC and iSeries systems will be found in a redpaper that is planned for publication in 2001.

This book focuses on the installation and management of BRMS/400 using tape libraries such as IBM 9427, IBM 3494, IBM 3570, and IBM 3590. It provides implementation guidelines for using BRMS/400 to automate your save, restore, archive, and retrieve operations. It also contains practical examples of managing your media inventory across multiple AS/400 CISC systems. This book also identifies functional differences between BRMS/400 and OS/400 CISC releases, where appropriate.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Backup Recovery and Media Services/400 introduction
Chapter 2. Installation planning for BRMS/400
Chapter 3. Implementing BRMS/400
Chapter 4. Managing BRMS/400
Chapter 5. BRMS/400 networking
Chapter 6. Saving and restoring the integrated file system
Chapter 7. AS/400 hardware support for automated tape libraries
Chapter 8. AS/400 software support for automated tape libraries
Chapter 9. Implementing automated tape libraries
Chapter 10. Recovery using BRMS/400
Chapter 11. Planning for upgrades to PowerPC AS
Chapter 12. Planning for the hierarchical storage management archiving solution
Chapter 13. Practical implementation of hierarchical storage management archiving capabilities
Appendix A. Summary of changes
Appendix B. Save and restore tips for better performance
Appendix C. Example LAN configuration for 3494
Appendix D. Performing restricted saves to a 3494 on CISC
Appendix E. Media missing from the 3494
Appendix F. The QUSRBRM library
Appendix G. QUSRBRM/QA1AMM file specifications: V3R1
Appendix H. QUSRBRM/QA1AMM file specifications: V3R2/V3R6/V3R7

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