WebSphere for z/OS Problem Determination Means and Tools

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 08 March 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-6880-00
(124 pages)

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Authors: Rica Weller, Cleberson Calefi, Keith Jabcuga, Suresh Maddukuri, Robyn Nostalgi


For the day-to-day administration tasks for IBM WebSphere for z/OS, you need powerful and efficient tools for analyzing problems, for finding their root causes, and for solving them.

This IBM Redpaper is intended to be a reference guide to the means and tools that can be used in the problem determination process for WebSphere for z/OS.

In this paper, we introduce especially helpful commands for the WebSphere for z/OS environment; WebSphere for z/OS logs, traces and dumps; diagnostic tools for problem determination in WebSphere for z/OS; and other helpful tools.

For each of these means, we provide information about its nature, explain when to use it, and demonstrate how to use it. We describe the output, show how to interpret it, and provide an example.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Commands
Chapter 2. Logs for problem determination in WebSphere for z/OS
Chapter 3. WebSphere for z/OS traces and dumps
Chapter 4. Diagnostic tools for WebSphere for z/OS
Chapter 5. Other helpful tools
Appendix A. Messages and codes

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