IBM Security Access Manager Appliance Deployment Patterns

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IBM® Security Access Manager is a modular, integrated access management appliance that helps secure access to web, mobile, and cloud workloads. It is offered both as a physical appliance and as a virtual appliance image that runs on several popular hypervisors. The integrated appliance form factor enables easier and more flexible deployment and maintenance.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication describes the different Security Access Manager Appliance V9.0 deployment patterns and uses hands-on examples to demonstrate how to initially configure systems in those deployments. It also describes various deployment considerations, such as networking, high-availability, performance, disaster recovery, and scalability. All of these deployment patterns are covered within the context of realistic business scenarios.

This paper is especially helpful to Security Access Manager architects and deployment specialists.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM Security Access Manager design and architecture
Chapter 2. IBM Security Access Manager clustering
Chapter 3. Single appliance cluster pattern
Chapter 4. Multiple appliances in a single location
Chapter 5. Twin Data Center pattern
Chapter 6. Security Access Manager and DataPower integration patterns


Publish Date
23 October 2015

Last Update
02 November 2015

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