The Era of the Now: Embracing Two Speed Integration by IBM

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Published 08 May 2015, updated 15 May 2015

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IBM Form #: REDP-5191-00
(10 pages)

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Authors: Jerry Cuomo, Larry Yusuf, Andy Gibbs, Steve Cerverny

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The demands of the digital business have created and accelerated the notion of the bi-modal IT organization where one part, the Steady Speed, is responsible for delivering enterprise-strength IT services, and the other, the Fast Speed, is ready to take advantage of new digital business opportunities.

  • The digital business today requires a new approach to continuously use digital technologies to both create new sources of value for customers and increase operational agility in service of customers.
  • Two Speed Integration from IBM brings together integration products and services purposely designed for the needs of both Steady and Fast IT, with a clearly-defined interface between the two, ensuring that both sides work cooperatively together.

This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication explains how to move beyond survival mode to become a market leader in today’s era of “digital disruption.”

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