IBM Hyper-Scale in XIV Storage

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Organizations are struggling with an unprecedented surge in data, both user-created and machine-created. With an increasing reliance on this rapidly growing data, effective scaling of data storage represents a key challenge for all enterprises.

IBM® Hyper-Scale helps you easily overcome provisioning scenarios that normally challenge traditional systems. IBM Hyper-Scale can accommodate several critical client scenarios for centralized administration, data mobility, load balancing, over-provisioning, and storage system repurposing.
IBM Hyper-Scale introduces the following major concepts and technologies, with the IBM XIV® Storage System (Gen3 models):

  • IBM Hyper-Scale Manager is a flexible, consolidated multi-system management application that builds upon the originally released with XIV Storage Software V11.2. IBM Hyper-Scale Manager is based on, and seamlessly integrated with, the XIV graphical user interface (GUI) and spans multiple XIV systems. It virtually transforms multiple systems into a single system, allowing customers to centrally manage up to 144 XIV systems.
  • IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility was released with XIV Storage System V11.3. It is a powerful function for moving volumes between storage containers transparently, with no disruption to host applications.
  • IBM Hyper-Scale Consistency was released with the IBM XIV Storage Software Version 11.4. It offers cross-system consistency, enabling coordinated snapshots across independent XIV systems. It helps to ensure data protection across multiple XIV systems.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication provides a broad understanding of the IBM Hyper-Scale feature. This publication is intended for XIV clients and users who want a practical understanding of IBM Hyper-Scale concepts and usage. For information on the IBM Hyper-Scale concepts, refer to the IBM White paper, IBM Hyper-Scale and Its Implementation in XIV Storage: A powerful new approach to scaling storage management.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Managing XIV with the IBM Hyper-Scale Manager
Chapter 2. IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility
Chapter 3. IBM Hyper-Scale Consistency


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31 December 2013

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