Smarter Analytics: Driving Customer Interactions with the IBM Next Best Action Solution

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Published 28 August 2013

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IBM Form #: REDP-4888-01
(38 pages)

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Authors: Mandy Chessell, David Pugh


What if your organization could increase customer satisfaction with every customer interaction? What if your customer-facing teams had the information and insight necessary to delight your customers every time they made contact? What if you could proactively provide service to your customers before they even know that they need it?

For many organizations, this dream is far reaching. They know that they are failing to maximize the value of their customer relationships and want to change this situation. They are finding it hard to embrace new channels of interaction, such as mobile devices and social media. The millennial generation favors these channels, and because leading companies across many industries are adopting them, their importance cannot be underestimated.

The IBM® Smarter Analytics Signature Solution - next best action is a comprehensive approach to creating an exemplary customer experience, with a focus on driving new revenue. This approach provides a coherent customer contact strategy that helps organizations build and develop long-term customer relationships that lead to a lifetime of high customer value.

This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces the IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solution - next best action and highlights the business value of the solution. It provides a high-level architecture and identifies key components of the architecture. It explains how the IBM next best action solution works and the IBM approach to incrementally roll it out across the various channels that your company supports. This guide also explains how decision models are used and the flow of information that supports their operation. The guide describes example scenarios that use the IBM next best action solution and includes real-world customer case studies of implemented solutions in various industries.

Table of contents

The new era of customer interactions
Next best action solution
Transformational roadmap and architecture
Getting started
Fundamentals of predictive analytics
Solution overview
Entry points and transformational roadmap
Views from different industries
Developing your solution with IBM

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