Using CICS Transaction Gateway, High Availability, and the CICS Explorer

An IBM Redpaper publication


This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes how the CICS® Explorer™ can be used to aid configuration and administration of the CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS®. Starting from a basic system configuration, it takes you through the steps to create a high availability topology and implement request monitoring.

At a high level, the procedures described are:

  • Configure CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) for z/OS
  • Set up the CICS TG plug-in for CICS Explorer
  • Start up and administer the Gateway daemon on z/OS
  • Configure CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) connections to CICS TG
  • Configure CICS TG connections to CICS TS
  • Configure and run a test ECI workload
  • Configure Dynamic Server Selection in the Gateway daemon
  • Configure request monitoring in the Gateway daemon

It is assumed that the reader has CICS Explorer available with the CICS SM and z/OS perspectives operational.

Table of contents

Topology review
Basic setup of CICS TG for z/OS
Set up CICS TG plug-in for CICS Explorer
Configure connections in CICS TS
Configure CICS connections in CICS TG
Set up and run workload
Setting up High Availability for CICS TG
Set up Request Monitoring for CICS TG


Publish Date
25 October 2011

Last Update
04 November 2011

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