IBM System Storage DS8000 Copy Services Scope Management and Resource Groups

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The IBM® System Storage® DS8000® offers a policy-based resource management capability. This capability, named resource groups or Copy Services scope management, is the topic of this paper.

With Copy Services scope management, Copy Service relationships can be limited to the domain of a set of user-specified resources. Additionally, user IDs can be configured to only allow them to issue Copy Services requests against a specific domain. This capability facilitates multi-tenancy by preventing any host or user from initiating a Copy Services operation that would cross a specific tenant’s domain boundaries. In addition to the multi-tenant capability, Copy Services domains can also provide general-purpose partitioning to isolate heterogeneous environments from each other. The Copy Services scope management capability is available for any host type on any volume type.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication is intended for anyone interested in Copy Services scope management. The paper starts with a general overview of the Copy Services scope management capability, its intended usage, and explanations of the underlying concept of resource groups. Subsequent chapters provide implementation details for both open systems and System z® perspectives and include usage illustrations with the DS8000 command-line interface (DSCLI).

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Resource group overview
Chapter 2. Resource group concepts
Chapter 3. Configuring resource groups
Chapter 4. Implementing and using resource groups


Publish Date
11 January 2013

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