Mainframes and GIS: A New ESRI Solution on IBM zSeries using Linux

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Published 11 January 2006, updated 18 January 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-4112-00

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Authors: David Adler, Donald Corbett, Leticia Cruz, Nin Lei, Stephen McGarril, Eugene Ong, Andrew Schmidt, John Theos, Christopher Williams


IBM® and ESRI are leading the development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) solutions away from a specialized departmental technology into a more comprehensive enterprise-wide platform. Enterprise GIS now contains all the reliability, manageability, and performance requirements demanded by Enterprise Information Technology solutions.
Customer demand encouraged IBM and ESRI to expand GIS enterprise solutions to use mainframe database repositories for spatial information and analysis. Therefore, IBM undertook a study at the IBM Eserver zSeries® Benchmark Center in Poughkeepsie, NY to determine how to utilize the zSeries platform in the ESRI GIS solution. WIth the successful outcome of this project, there is more to come from IBM and ESRI.

Table of contents

GIS overview
Business challenge
ESRI typical configurations
Proposed solution
Testing environment

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