Backing Up Databases Using ADSMPIPE and the TSM API: Examples Using Linux

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Published 11 March 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3980-00
(18 pages)

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Authors: Deon George


This IBM Redpaper describes how you can use the IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) application programming interface (API) with the ADSMPIPE utility to perform online backups of various databases. This process eliminates dumping data to a file (and consuming disk space) so that the TSM backup and archive client can back up the data.

This paper uses examples of specific databases running on Linux® (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and OpenLDAP); however, the techniques apply equally for these and other databases running on any UNIX® operating system. They are intended for database applications that have no dedicated TSM applications available

This procedure may be used for any database where you can dump the data to STDOUT and pipe it to TSM for storage. The TSM API stores the STDOUT data in your TSM storage hierarchy and optionally compresses the data before sending it to TSM..

Accompanying configuration files are provided to implement the features described in this paper. These can be downloaded from the following URL:

Table of contents

Preparation and requirements
Downloading and building adsmpipe
Backing up MySQL
Backing up PostgreSQL
Backing up OpenLDAP
Building an RPM for adsmpipe

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