WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1 Handbook

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the technical details of WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation and discusses using WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition for application development. It provides valuable information for system administrators, developers and architects about the products covered. This book specifically focuses on WebSphere Process Choreographer and on solutions implementing it.

Part 1, “Architecting a WebSphere Enterprise solution” includes high-level details about WebSphere solutions using WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation.

Part 2, “Setting up the environment” provides step-by-step details about installing the runtime and development environments.

Part 3, “Implementing WebSphere Enterprise solutions” provides details about the J2EE Programming Model Extensions and functions in WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation. You can learn how to design, develop, assemble, deploy and administer applications in the WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation environment.

Table of contents

Part 1. Architecting a WebSphere Enterprise solution
Chapter 1. Positioning WebSphere Enterprise
Chapter 2. Product overview
Chapter 3. Scenarios
Part 2. Setting up the environment
Chapter 4. Runtime environment
Chapter 5. Development environment
Part 3. Implementing WebSphere Enterprise solutions
Chapter 6. Process choreographer: introduction
Chapter 7. Process choreographer: developing a simple process
Chapter 8. Process choreographer: developing a complex process
Chapter 9. Process choreographer: clients
Chapter 10. Common Event Infrastructure
Chapter 11. Business Rule Beans
Chapter 12. Extended messaging
Chapter 13. Startup beans
Chapter 14. Scheduler service
Chapter 15. Asynchronous beans
Chapter 16. Container Managed Persistence over Anything
Chapter 17. Application profiling
Chapter 18. Shared Work Area service
Chapter 19. Dynamic Query
Chapter 20. Object pools
Chapter 21. Internationalization (i18n)
Part 4. Appendixes
Appendix A. Additional sample application configurations
Appendix B. Additional configuration help
Appendix C. Additional material

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Publish Date
12 November 2004

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