Cloud Data Sharing with IBM Spectrum Scale

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Published 14 February 2017

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ISBN-10: 0738456004
ISBN-13: 9780738456003
IBM Form #: REDP-5419-00
(28 pages)

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Authors: Nikhil Khandelwal, Rob Basham, Amey Gokhale, Arend Dittmer, Alexander Safonov, Ryan Marchese, Rishika Kedia, Stan Li, Ranjith Rajagopalan Nair, Larry Coyne


This IBM® Redpaper™ publication provides information to help you with the sizing, configuration, and monitoring of hybrid cloud solutions using the Cloud data sharing feature of IBM Spectrum Scale™. IBM Spectrum Scale, formerly IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS™), is a scalable data and file management solution that provides a global namespace for large data sets along with several enterprise features. Cloud data sharing allows for the sharing and use of data between various cloud object storage types and IBM Spectrum Scale.

Cloud data sharing can help with the movement of data in both directions, between file systems and cloud object storage, so that data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

This paper is intended for IT architects, IT administrators, storage administrators, and those who want to learn more about sizing, configuration, and monitoring of hybrid cloud solutions using IBM Spectrum Scale and Cloud data sharing.

Table of contents

Technology overview
IBM Spectrum Scale Cloud data sharing use cases
Sizing and scaling considerations
Resource requirements and considerations
Configuration and best practices
Monitoring and lifecycle management
IBM Spectrum Control

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