Update: Virtualization Cookbook for IBM Z Volume 5: KVM

A draft IBM Redbooks publication


Last updated on 25 August 2022

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IBM Form #: SG24-8463-01

Authors: Octavian Lascu, Sergio Chang Mariselli, Eric Mendes Marins, Eduardo Simoes Franco, Diego Jose Basso Pigossi and Ewerson Palacio

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    This IBM® Redbooks® updated publication provides a broad explanation of the kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) on IBM Z® and how it can use the z/Architecture®. It focuses on the planning of the environment and provides installation and configuration definitions that are necessary to build, manage, and monitor a KVM on Z environment. This publication applies to the supported Linux on Z distributions (Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu).

    This IBM Redbooks updated publication is useful to IT architects, system administrators, and those users who plan for and install KVM on IBM Z. The reader is expected to have an understanding of IBM Z hardware, KVM, Linux on Z, and virtualization concepts.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Understanding the kernel-based virtual machine on IBM Z

    Chapter 2. Planning for the kernel-based virtual machine host and guest

    Chapter 3. Preparing the Red Hat KVM environment for VM usage

    Chapter 4. Preparing the SLES KVM environment for VM use

    Chapter 5. Preparing the Ubuntu KVM environment for VM usage

    Chapter 6. Monitoring the environment

    Chapter 7. High Availability (GPFS)

    Chapter 8. IBM Secure Execution

    Chapter 9. IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center (ICIC) on KVM

    Appendix A. Live Virtual Server Migration

    Appendix B. KVM LPAR live migration

    Appendix C. Scripts for SLES guest installation


    Special Notices

    The material included in this document is in DRAFT form and is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. IBM is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the material, and may update the document at any time. The final, published document may not include any, or all, of the material included herein. Client assumes all risks associated with Client's use of this document.