IBM AIX Enhancements and Modernization

A draft IBM Redbooks publication

Updated 14 November 2019

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IBM Form #: SG24-8453-00
(186 pages)

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Authors: Scott Vetter, Navdeep Dhaliwal, Ahmed Mashhour, Armin Röll, Liviu Rosca


This IBM® Redbooks publication is a comprehensive guide that covers IBM AIX® operating system layout capabilities, distinct features, system installation and maintenance including AIX security and trusted environment and compliance integration, with the benefits of IBM Power Virtualization Management (PowerVM®), IBM Power Virtualization Center (PowerVC) including the cloud capabilities and automation flavors. The objective of this book is to introduce IBM AIX modernization features and integration with different environments:

  • General AIX enhancements
  • AIX Live Kernel Update individually or using Network Installation Manager.
  • AIX security features and integration.
  • AIX networking enhancements.
  • PowerVC integration and features for cloud environments.
  • AIX deployment using Terraform and Cloud Automation Manager.
  • AIX automation using configuration management tools.
  • AIX integration with Kubernetes.
  • PowerVM enhancements and features.
  • Latest disaster recovery solutions.
  • AIX Logical Volume Manager and JFS2.
  • AIX installation and maintenance techniques.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. General Enhancements
Chapter 2. Security Enhancements
Chapter 3. Networking Enhancements
Chapter 4. Virtualization and cloud capabilities
Chapter 5. PowerVM features
Chapter 6. Disaster Recovery and High Availability
Chapter 7. AIX fundamentals

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