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IBM Storage Virtualize, IBM Storage FlashSystem, and IBM SAN Volume Controller Security Feature Checklist - For IBM Storage Virtualize 8.6

A draft IBM Redpaper publication


Last updated on 16 October 2023

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IBM Form #: REDP-5716-01

Authors: Bill Scales, Barry Whyte and James Whitaker

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    IBM® Storage Virtualize based storage systems are secure storage platforms that implement various security-related features, in terms of system-level access controls and data-level security features.

    This document outlines the available security features and options of IBM Storage Virtualize based storage systems. It is not intended as a “how to” or best practice document. Instead, it is a checklist of features that can be reviewed by a user security team to aid in the definition of a policy to be followed when implementing IBM FlashSystem®, IBM SAN Volume Controller, and IBM Storage Virtualize for Public Cloud.

    IBM Storage Virtualize features the following levels of security to protect against threats and to keep the attack surface as small as possible:

    • The first line of defense is to offer strict verification features that stop unauthorized users from using login interfaces and gaining access to the system and its configuration.
    • The second line of defense is to offer least privilege features that restrict the environment and limit any effect if a malicious actor does access the system configuration.
    • The third line of defense is to run in a minimal, locked down, mode to prevent damage spreading to the kernel and rest of the operating system.
    • The fourth line of defense is to protect the data at rest that is stored on the system from theft, loss, or corruption (malicious or accidental).

    The topics that are discussed in this paper can be broadly split into two categories:

    • System security: This type of security encompasses the first three lines of defense that prevent unauthorized access to the system, protect the logical configuration of the storage system, and restrict what actions users can perform. It also ensures visibility and reporting of system level events that can be used by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, such as IBM QRadar®.
    • Data security: This type of security encompasses the fourth line of defense. It protects the data that is stored on the system against theft, loss, or attack. These data security features include Encryption of Data At Rest (EDAR) or IBM Safeguarded Copy (SGC).

    This document is correct as of IBM Storage Virtualize 8.6.

    Table of Contents

    System security capabilities

    Data security capabilities


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