IBM Power Systems High Availability and Disaster Recovery Updates: Planning for a Multicloud Environment

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Last updated on April 26, 2022

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IBM Form #: REDP-5663-00

Authors: Dino Quintero, Thomas Baumann, Vera Cruz, Nilabja Haldar, Youssef Largou, Prashant Pandey, Edson Gomes Pereira, Diego Riesco, Douglas Roach, Antony Steel

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    This IBM® Redpaper publication delivers an updated guide for high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) planning in a multicloud environment for IBM Power. This publication describes the ideas from studies that were performed in a virtual collaborative team of IBM Business Partners, technical focal points, and product managers who used hands-on experience to implement case studies to show HADR management aspects to develop this technical update guide for a hybrid multicloud environment.

    The goal of this book is to deliver a HADR guide for backup and data management on-premises and in a multicloud environment. This document updates HADR on-premises

    and in the cloud with IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror®, IBM VM Recovery Manager (VMRM), and other solutions that are available on IBM Power for IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux.

    This publication highlights the available offerings at the time of writing for each operating system (OS) that is supported in IBM Power, including best practices.

    This book addresses topics for IT architects, IT specialists, sellers, and anyone looking to implement and manage HADR on-premises and in the cloud. Moreover, this publication provides documentation to transfer how-to skills to the technical teams and solution guidance to the sales team. This book complements the documentation that is available at IBM Documentation and aligns with the educational materials that are provided by IBM Systems Technical Training.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Continuous availability for IBM Power and IBM Power Systems Virtual Server systems

    Chapter 2. IBM VM Recovery Manager capabilities

    Chapter 3. IBM PowerHA SystemMirror capabilities

    Chapter 4. Continuous availability for IBM Power Virtualization Center and IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

    Appendix A. Automating an IBM PowerHA SystemMirror cluster deployment for IBM PowerVS

    Appendix B. Gathering IBM VM Recovery Manager and related log files

    Appendix C. Additional material


    Special Notices

    This material has not been submitted to any formal IBM test and is published AS IS. It has not been the subject of rigorous review. IBM assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. The use of this information or the implementation of any of these techniques is a client responsibility and depends upon the client's ability to evaluate and integrate them into the client's operational environment.