IBM Education Assistance

IBM z/OS® Operating System - Version: V2R2


IBM Education Assistance is a collection of educational materials designed to help you gain a better understanding of z/OS V2.2 specific functions. Understanding these enhancements can help you use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.

The presentations focus on one specific topic, so that you learn many aspects of that enhancement. The material provided is in PDF format. There are a few presentations provided as MP4 with accompanying PDF files.

For your convenience here is a zip file of all of the pdfs consolidated: zip file

Presentations by category

The presentations have been divided into categories so that you can look at categories of particular interested to you. Further classification is done by z/OS element.


The enhancements here are associated with z/OS V2.2 improved system availability.

Scalability and Performance

The enhancements in this section concern the scalability and performance enhancements incorporated into z/OS V2.2.

Usability and z/OSMF

This category contains materials that can help the z/OS system programmer (as well as users) use the system in a more efficient way. Simplification enhancements and z/OSMF materials are included in this section.

Industry and Open Standards

z/OS V2.2 continues to be enhanced to support industry standards. You will find those enhancements in this section, which may interest Application Developers.

Installation and Migration

This section contains materials pertaining to the installation and migration for z/OS V2.2. Included are the recordings that were done at the SHARE user group conference in Orlando in August 2015.


This category may be of particular interest to security administrators, among others.