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Business Continuity Orchestration for IBM FlashSystem Hybrid Cloud with Red Hat Ansible V1R2
Storage Solutions

Blueprint, published 4 Jun 2021

This document is intended to facilitate the deployment of Red Hat Ansible for IBM® FlashSystem. The document showcases the automation and orchestration of storage provisioning and copy services, such as Global Mirror, Global Mirror with change volumes, Metro Mirror for IBM FlashSystem® in hybrid cloud environments. The Ansible-based automation and orchestration for managing high availability environments by using HyperSwap for IBM FlashSystem storage also is described. To complete the tasks that are described, you must understand IBM FlashSystem and Red Hat Ansible. The information in this ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition V1.3.1.2: Installation and Configuration Guide
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 3 Jun 2021

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you with the planning, installation, and configuration of the new IBM Spectrum® Archive Enterprise Edition (EE) Version for the IBM TS4500, IBM TS3500, IBM TS4300, and IBM TS3310 tape libraries. IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition enables the use of the LTFS for the policy management of tape as a storage tier in an IBM Spectrum Scale based environment. It helps encourage the use of tape as a critical tier in the storage environment. This is the ninth edition of IBM Spectrum Archive Installation and Configuration Guide. IBM Spectrum Archive EE ... [more]

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SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Backup and Recovery Solutions
Power Systems

Redpaper, published 27 May 2021

This IBM® Redpaper Redbooks publication provides guidance about a backup and recovery solution for SAP High-performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) running on IBM Power Systems. This publication provides case studies and how-to procedures that show backup and recovery scenarios. This publication provides information about how to protect data in an SAP HANA environment by using IBM Spectrum® Protect and IBM Spectrum Copy Data Manager. This publication focuses on the data protection solution, which is described through several scenarios. The information in this publication is distributed on an ... [more]

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IBM PowerVC Version 2.0 Introduction and Configuration
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 26 May 2021

IBM® Power Virtualization Center (IBM® PowerVC™) is an advanced enterprise virtualization management offering for IBM Power Systems. This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces IBM PowerVC and helps you understand its functions, planning, installation, and setup. It also shows how IBM PowerVC can integrate with systems management tools such as Ansible or Terraform and that it also integrates well into a OpenShift container environment. IBM PowerVC Version 2.0.0 supports both large and small deployments, either by managing IBM PowerVM® that is controlled by the Hardware Management Console ... [more]

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Implementing IBM FlashSystem with IBM Spectrum Virtualize V8.4
Flash storage

Redbooks, published 10 Feb 2021, last updated 26 May 2021

Continuing its commitment to developing and delivering industry-leading storage technologies, IBM® introduces the IBM FlashSystem® solution that is powered by IBM Spectrum® Virtualize V8.4. This innovative storage offering delivers essential storage efficiency technologies and exceptional ease of use and performance, all integrated into a compact, modular design that is offered at a competitive, midrange price. The solution incorporates some of the top IBM technologies that are typically found only in enterprise-class storage systems, which raise the standard for storage efficiency in ... [more]

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