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1. Accelerating Law Enforcement Investigations with IBM COPLINK
Draft Redguides, last updated 26 Jun 2016
2. Implementing an IBM High-Performance Computing Solution on IBM Power System S822LC
Draft Redbooks, last updated 23 Jun 2016
3. Read Intensive Flash Drives
Draft Redpapers, last updated 22 Jun 2016
4. IBM DS8880 Architecture and Implementation (Release 8.1)
Draft Redbooks, last updated 21 Jun 2016
5. IBM DS8880 Data-at-rest Encryption
Draft Redpapers, last updated 17 Jun 2016, Rating: (based on 1 review)
6. IBM PowerVC Version 1.3.1 Introduction and Configuration Including IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
Draft Redbooks, last updated 14 Jun 2016
7. IBM DS8880 Product Guide
Draft Redpapers, last updated 10 Jun 2016
8. IBM FlashSystem A9000 and IBM FlashSystem A9000R Architecture, Implementation, and Usage
Draft Redbooks, last updated 3 Jun 2016, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
9. IBM Spectrum Conductor and IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark
Draft Redpapers, last updated 2 Jun 2016
10. Implementing or Migrating to an IBM Gen 5 b-type SAN
Draft Redbooks, last updated 10 May 2016

Draft IBM Redbooks are books-in-progress. They are produced on a specific topic during a residency. The intent is to post the information much quicker than the formal publishing process allows. The results you read are less polished than the published book and may contain errors because they have not undergone the formal review that takes place for completed IBM Redbooks. Feedback is very welcome!

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