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IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Hot-Spare Node and NPIV Target Ports
Software Defined Storage

Redpaper, published 19 Jan 2018, last updated 18 Jul 2019

The use of N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) to provide host-only ports (NPIV target ports) and spare nodes improves the host failover characteristics by separating out host communications from communication tasks on the same port and providing standby hardware, which can be automatically introduced into the cluster to reintroduce redundancy. Because the host ports are not used for internode communications, they can freely move between nodes, and this includes spare nodes that are added to the cluster automatically. This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the use of the IBM Spectrum™ ... [more]

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IBM FlashSystem 9100 Product Guide
Flash storage

Product Guide, published 28 Jan 2019, last updated 18 Jul 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® Product Guide publication describes IBM FlashSystem® 9100 solution, which is a comprehensive, all-flash, and NVMe-enabled enterprise storage solution that delivers the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore® technology. In addition, it provides a rich set of software-defined storage (SDS) features, including data reduction and de-duplication, dynamic tiering, thin-provisioning, snapshots, cloning, replication, data copy services, and IBM HyperSwap® for high availability (HA). Scale-out and scale-up configurations further enhance capacity and throughput for better ... [more]

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IBM PowerHA SystemMirror V7.2.3 for IBM AIX and V7.22 for Linux
Power Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 17 Jul 2019

This IBM Redbooks publication will help strengthen the position of the PowerHA SystemMirror for Linux solution with a well-defined and documented deployment models within an IBM Power Systems environment allowing customers a planned foundation for business resilient and disaster recovery for their IBM Power Systems infrastructure solutions. This book addresses topics to help answer customers' complex high availability and disaster recovery requirements for AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems servers to help maximize systems' availability and resources and provide technical documentation to ... [more]

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Scale up for Linux on LinuxONE

Redpaper, published 17 Jul 2019

This book was written by IBM® IT specialists who have experience implementing Linux solutions on IBM LinuxONE™ (LinuxONE). The contents of this book follow the guidelines from Linux regarding LinuxONE installations. The preferred practices that are described in this book are gathered from the experiences of those specialists in hundreds of projects at IBM and customer environments. This IBM Redbooks® publication provides you with the information needed in making a decision on scaling architecture when implementing Linux on LinuxONE. This book has the following goals:

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IBM Spectrum Scale: Big Data and Analytics Solution Brief
Software Defined Storage

Redguide, published 23 Jan 2018, last updated 17 Jul 2019

This IBM® Redguide™ publication describes big data and analytics deployments that are built on IBM Spectrum Scale™. IBM Spectrum Scale is a proven enterprise-level distributed file system that is a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for Hadoop analytics services. IBM Spectrum Scale includes NFS, SMB, and Object services and meets the performance that is required by many industry workloads, such as technical computing, big data, analytics, and content management. IBM Spectrum Scale provides world-class, web-based storage management with ... [more]


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