DB2 UDB V8.2 on the Windows Environment

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 11 October 2004

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ISBN-10: 0738491497
ISBN-13: 9780738491493
IBM Form #: SG24-7102-00
(356 pages)

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Authors: Whei-Jen Chen, Ajit Mungale, Carlos Raymundo, Andreas Thuering


IBM DB2 Universal Database Version 8.2 is another significant jump in DBRM technology. It delivers new features to address the ever-increasing demands and requirements of information management customers. This IBM Redbooks publication is an update of DB2 UDB Exploitation of the Windows Environment (SG24-6893), with a focus on DB2 UDB Version 8.2 functions and features.

We illustrate, step-by-step, the installation and migration processes. The new autonomic computing technology that makes the DBA’s job easier is described in detail. The new security features and their integration with the Windows environment are discussed intensively.

This book covers the new performance and monitoring enhancements of Version 8.2. New, exciting high availability functions are described in detail.

Further, we discuss aspects of DB2 application development with .NET 2003 and Java and provide programming details using ADO.NET, CLR, and Java.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Installation and migration
Chapter 3. Administration and management
Chapter 4. Security
Chapter 5. Performance and monitoring
Chapter 6. High availability
Chapter 7. Using DB2 with Java
Chapter 8. Using DB2 with .NET framework
Chapter 9. Consuming DB2 Web services in .NET
Chapter 10. Problem resolution

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