IBM Flex System Manager Demonstration Guide

Published 09 May 2014

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Authors: Paulo Aragao, Guilhaume Garcia, David Watts


IBM® Flex System® Manager™ (FSM) is one of the cornerstones of an IBM PureFlex® solution and provides a centralized management platform. As a result, Flex System Manager is a key demonstration that IBM Business Partners and the IBM Client Centers around the world conduct with customers.

The purpose of this demonstration guide is to provide guidance about the best way to demonstrate Flex System Manager. The target audience for this guide are the presenters of such demonstrations, that is, the field specialists in IBM and IBM Business Partner locations as well as the briefers in IBM Client Centers.

This guide shows you how to build a suitable FSM demonstration infrastructure so that you can demonstrate the features of IBM Flex System Manager that are important to your audience, thus allowing them to understand the value of IBM Smarter Computing.

The audience of this guide should have the necessary knowledge about how to use Flex System Manager.


This document is only available to IBM employees and IBM business partners as follows:

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Special Notices

This material has not been submitted to any formal IBM test and is published AS IS. It has not been the subject of rigorous review. IBM assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. The use of this information or the implementation of any of these techniques is a client responsibility and depends upon the client's ability to evaluate and integrate them into the client's operational environment.

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