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Published 20 May 2003, updated 09 December 2004

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Authors: Bill White


This Technote contains a diagram showing suggested steps to define a new z990 or z890 I/O configuration.


The z990 and z890 servers, contrary to previous generations of servers, do not have default CHPIDs assigned to ports as part of the initial configuration process. It is the customer’s responsibility to perform these assignments by using HCD/IOCP definitions and the CHPID Mapping Tool (CMT). Using CMT will give you an IOCP source that will map the defined CHPIDs to the corresponding PCHIDs of the server.

Note that there is no requirement to use CMT; you can assign CHPIDs to PCHIDs directly in an IOCP source or through HCD. However, this is a very cumbersome process for larger configurations. If you choose to do manual assignment of CHPIDs to PCHIDs (using HCD or IOCP), it is your responsibility to distribute CHPIDs among the physical channel card ports (PCHIDs) for availability and/or performance. The objective of CMT is to assist in performing these tasks.

The following diagram shows the steps to define a new z990 or z890 I/O configuration.

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