An Architectural and Practical Guide to IBM Hybrid Integration Platform

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 20 December 2016, updated 12 January 2017

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ISBN-10: 0738442267
ISBN-13: 9780738442266
IBM Form #: SG24-8351-00
(238 pages)

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Authors: Carsten Börnert, Kim Clark, Shahir Daya, Matthieu Debeaux, Gerd Diederichs, Vasfi Gucer, Shamim Hossain, Gary Kean, Carlo Marcoli, Shohei Matsumoto, Amar Shah, Johan Thole

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In order to remain competitive in today's world, companies need to be able to integrate internally and externally by connecting sensors, customers and partners with the information in their systems of record. In short, they need to integrate with everything.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes how IBM Application Integration Suite and IBM Messaging portfolio can be used to satisfy the needs of core hybrid integration use cases, accelerating companies in their digital transformation journey.

All concepts are explained within the context of these use cases:

  • Joining the API economy
  • Improving productivity
  • Refactoring for innovation

The target audience for this book is cloud and integration architects and specialists who are implementing hybrid integration solutions.

Table of contents

Part 1. Concepts and architecture
Chapter 1. Introduction to hybrid integration
Chapter 2. Hybrid integration use cases
Chapter 3. IBM Hybrid Cloud and Integration Portfolio
Part 2. Hybrid integration scenarios
Chapter 4. Introduction to the scenarios
Chapter 5. Exposing APIs externally
Chapter 6. Automation for business users
Chapter 7. Kick-start digital teams

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