IBM and Cisco: Together for a World Class Data Center

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 31 July 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738438421
ISBN-13: 9780738438429
IBM Form #: SG24-8105-00
(654 pages)

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Authors: Jon Tate, Pall Beck, Peter Clemens, Santiago Freitas, Jeff Gatz, Michele Girola, Jason Gmitter, Holger Mueller, Ray O'Hanlon, Veerendra Para, Joe Robinson, Andy Sholomon, Jason Walker


This IBM® Redbooks® publication is an IBM and Cisco collaboration that articulates how IBM and Cisco can bring the benefits of their respective companies to the modern data center.

It documents the architectures, solutions, and benefits that can be achieved by implementing a data center based on IBM server, storage, and integrated systems, with the broader Cisco network.

We describe how to design a state-of-the art data center and networking infrastructure combining Cisco and IBM solutions. The objective is to provide a reference guide for customers looking to build an infrastructure that is optimized for virtualization, is highly available, is interoperable, and is efficient in terms of power and space consumption. It will explain the technologies used to build the infrastructure, provide use cases, and give guidance on deployments.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The modern data center
Chapter 2. IBM and Cisco building blocks for the data center
Chapter 3. Designing networks for the modern data center
Chapter 4. Data center physical access layer evolution
Chapter 5. Cisco virtual networking solutions
Chapter 6. Application networking solutions and data center security, physical and virtual
Chapter 7. Convergence of LAN and SAN: Fibre Channel over Ethernet
Chapter 8. Overcoming the limitations of traditional data center networks
Chapter 9. NX-OS network operating system
Chapter 10. Data center network management and automation
Chapter 11. Software Defined Networking and Cisco Open Network Environment
Chapter 12. IBM and Cisco next generation architectures for Small, Medium, and Large Data Centers

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