z/OS Version 1 Release 13 Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 13 March 2012, updated 27 March 2012

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ISBN-10: 0738436224
ISBN-13: 9780738436227
IBM Form #: SG24-7946-00
(926 pages)

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Authors: Paul Rogers, Diniz Bortolotto, Robert Hering, George Kozakos, Lutz Kuehner, Jean-Louis Lafitte, Diana Nakajima, Paulo Nascimento, Nelson Oliveira, Gil Peleg, Giancarlo Rodolfi, Anthony Soares, Joao Zanon


This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides information about installation and migration changes to be aware of if you are responsible for migrating systems from IBM z/OS® V1R10, z/OS V1R11, and z/OS V1R12 to z/OS V1R13.

It also highlights actions that are needed to prepare for the installation of z/OS V1R12, including ensuring driving system and target system requirements are met and coexistence requirements are satisfied.

There is a special focus on identifying new migration actions that must be performed for selected elements when migrating to z/OS V1R13.

The book addresses the following topics:
- z/OS V1R13 overview, z/OS V1R13 installation, managing volume backups with fast replication, XCF enhancements, console service enhancements
- DFSMSdfp, DFSMSoam, DFSMShsm, ISPF enhancements, DFSMSrmm enhancements, establishing IBM RACF® security for RRSF TCP/IP connections
- GRS enhancements, BCP supervisor, contents supervisor and RSM updates, improved channel recovery, Service aids enhancements, System Logger - SMF
- z/OS UNIX System Services, z/OS UNIX-related applications, RRS, z/OS Management Facility, z/OS HCD and HCM, C language
- Storage management enhancements, Common Information Model, Predictive Failure Analysis, Extended Address Volume, BCPii, Capacity Provisioning
- System SSL enhancements, UNICODE, IBM Language Environment®, SDSF enhancements, JES2 enhancements, JES3 enhancements, IBM RMF™ enhancements
- IBM WebSphere® Application Server OEM, z/OSMF, CIM, and Capacity Provisioning setups
- BCPii Metal C example

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM z/OS V1R13 overview
Chapter 2. z/OS V1R13 installation
Chapter 3. Managing volume backups with fast replication
Chapter 4. XCF enhancements
Chapter 5. Console services enhancements
Chapter 6. DFSMSdfp, DFSMSoam, and DFSMShsm
Chapter 7. ISPF enhancements
Chapter 8. DFSMSrmm enhancements
Chapter 9. Establishing RACF security for RRSF TCP/IP connections
Chapter 10. GRS enhancements
Chapter 11. BCP supervisor, contents supervisor, and RSM updates
Chapter 12. Improved channel recovery
Chapter 13. Service aids enhancements
Chapter 14. System Logger - SMF
Chapter 15. z/OS UNIX System Services
Chapter 16. z/OS UNIX-related applications
Chapter 17. Resource Recovery Services
Chapter 18.IBM z/OS Management Facility
Chapter 19. z/OS Hardware Configuration Definition and Hardware Configuration Manager
Chapter 20. C language
Chapter 21. Storage management enhancements
Chapter 22. Common Information Model
Chapter 23. Predictive Failure Analysis
Chapter 24. Extended address volume
Chapter 25. Base Control Program internal interface
Chapter 26. Capacity Provisioning
Chapter 27. System SSL enhancements
Chapter 28. UNICODE support
Chapter 29. Language Environment enhancements
Chapter 30. SDSF enhancements
Chapter 31. JES2 enhancements
Chapter 32. JES3 enhancements
Chapter 33. Resource Management Facility enhancements
Chapter 34. z/OS Batch Runtime
Appendix A. Setting up WebSphere OEM, z/OSMF, CIM, and Capacity Provisioning
Appendix B. zFS commands
Appendix C. BCPii Metal C example

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