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IBM Smart Analytics Cloud

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 01 October 2010

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ISBN-10: 0738434647
ISBN-13: 9780738434643
IBM Form #: SG24-7873-00

Authors: Lydia Parziale, Andrey Avramenko, Simon Chan, Foulques de Valence, Christopher Dziekan, Michael Dziekan, Andrea Greggo, Christian Hagen, Douglas Lin, James Machung and Nicole Roik

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    This IBM Redbooks® publication presents a Smart Analytics Cloud. The IBM Smart Analytics Cloud is an IBM offering to enable delivery of business intelligence and analytics at the customer location in a private cloud deployment. The offering leverages a combination of IBM hardware, software and services to offer customers a complete solution that is enabled at their site. In this publication, we provide the background and product information for decision-makers to proceed with a cloud solution.

    The content ranges from an introduction to cloud computing to details about our lab implementation. The core of the book discusses the business value, architecture, and functionality of a Smart Analytics Cloud. To provide deeper perspective, documentation is also provided about implementation of one specific Smart Analytics Cloud solution that we created in our lab environment. Additionally, we also describe the IBM Smart Analytics Cloud service offering that can help you create your own Smart Analytics cloud solution that is tailored to your business needs.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Introduction to cloud computing

    Chapter 1. IBM Smart Analytics Cloud

    Chapter 2. Building a Smart Analytics Cloud

    Part 2. Business

    Chapter 3. Business objectives

    Chapter 4. Scope of the Smart Analytics Cloud

    Part 3. Architecture

    Chapter 5. Architecture overview

    Chapter 6. Functional architecture

    Chapter 7. Operational architecture

    Chapter 8. Cloud Management architecture

    Part 4. Implementation

    Chapter 9. WebSphere infrastructure for Cognos 8 BI

    Chapter 10. Cognos installation

    Chapter 11. Infrastructure security

    Chapter 12. Onboarding application

    Chapter 13. Provisioning and resource reallocation

    Chapter 14. Tivoli Monitoring agent implementation

    Part 5. Driving the cloud

    Chapter 15. Service life cycle

    Chapter 16. Onboarding

    Chapter 17. Provisioning and resource management

    Chapter 18. Monitoring

    Chapter 19. Metering and billing

    Chapter 20. Scenario: The cloud in action

    Appendix A. WebSphere Application Server post-provisioning scripts

    Appendix B. Competency centers: Sustained success through operational efficiency


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