Batch Modernization on z/OS

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Published 26 July 2012

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ISBN-10: 0738436968
ISBN-13: 9780738436968
IBM Form #: SG24-7779-01
(488 pages)

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Authors: Mike Ebbers, Elsie Ramos, Snehal Antani, Patrick Bruinsma, Manuel Mueller, Martin Packer, Christian Strauer, Sridhar Sudarsan, Susann Thomas, Andreas Wagner, Janet Wall


Mainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of many of the world's largest corporations, and batch processing is a fundamental part of the workloads that run on the mainframe. A large portion of the workload on IBM® z/OS® systems is processed in batch mode. Although several IBM Redbooks® publications discuss application modernization on the IBM z/OS platform, this book specifically addresses batch processing in detail.

Many different technologies are available in a batch environment on z/OS systems. This book demonstrates these technologies and shows how the z/OS system offers a sophisticated environment for batch. In this practical book, we discuss a variety of themes that are of importance for batch workloads on z/OS systems and offer examples that you can try on your own system.

The audience for this book includes IT architects and application developers, with a focus on batch processing on the z/OS platform.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Executive overview of batch modernization on z/OS
Part 1. Overview of batch processing
Chapter 2. Introduction to batch modernization on z/OS
Chapter 3. Bulk processing reference architecture
Part 2. Serving new functional requirements in z/OS batch
Chapter 4. Implement new functionality using traditional languages
Chapter 5. Introduction to Java on z/OS
Chapter 6. Implement new functionality using Java in traditional containers
Chapter 7. Implement new functionality using stand-alone Java
Chapter 8. Implement new functionality using Java in WebSphere XD Compute Grid
Chapter 9. Implement new functionality using PHP on z/OS
Chapter 10. Summary of new functional requirements in z/OS batch
Chapter 11. Batch environment enhancements in z/OS V1R13
Part 3. Implement agile batch
Chapter 12. Create agile batch by optimizing theInformation Management architecture
Chapter 13. Create agile batch by optimizing DB2 access
Chapter 14. Create agile batch by implementing trigger mechanisms
Part 4. Improve batch efficiency
Chapter 15. Approaches and techniques to reduce the batch window
Chapter 16. Increasing concurrency by exploiting BatchPipes
Chapter 17. Batch application design and patterns in WebSphere XDCompute Grid
Chapter 18. Java performance best practices
Chapter 19. Increasing batch efficiency by using performance instrumentation
Part 5. Reduce batch complexity
Chapter 20. Reduce batch complexity using a Business Rules ManagementSystem
Chapter 21. Reduce batch complexity using middleware for transformation logic
Chapter 22. Reduce batch complexity by eliminating custom file transfer logic
Chapter 23. Reduce complexity by exploiting DFSORT / ICETOOL
Part 6. Appendixes
Appendix A. DB2 configuration
Appendix B. Source code
Appendix C. Additional material

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