The Mixed Platform Stack Project: Deploying a Secure SOA Solution into z/OS and Mixed z/OS and AIX Environments

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Published 01 May 2009, updated 04 May 2009

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ISBN-10: 0738432644
ISBN-13: 9780738432649
IBM Form #: SG24-7724-00
(276 pages)

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Authors: Loraine Arnold, Sue Bayliss, Kate Bittles, Foulques De Valence, Dorothy Drennen, Terry Dietter, Richard Jacks, Rajesh Ramachandran, Alyson Riley, Karen Smolar, Linda Stephens, James Stutzman, Lissette Toledo, Ian Vanstone


The IBM® System z® platform is the strategic core of business world wide. By using a realistic customer scenario, two IBM teams ventured to demonstrate how to deploy the IBM service-oriented architecture (SOA) portfolio on IBM z/OS® and on z/OS in partnership with additional platforms such as AIX® and Linux® for System z. The teams created the experience that is documented in this IBM Redbooks® publication to explain the work that is required to create, deploy, and test the SOA solution on both z/OS and z/OS with additional platforms. The teams also performed extensive testing to verify the correct behavior of the platforms, products, and applications involved.

This Redbooks publication covers the product configuration that is necessary to build the SOA solution described in the project scenario. This book provides useful hints and tips that were discovered during the course of testing to ensure successful solution deployment. It also provides an extensive set of references to other documents that proved useful for building the solution.

This book is designed for IT professionals who are interested in creating an SOA solution either entirely on z/OS or on z/OS in conjunction with other platforms. Prior to reading this book, you must have basic knowledge of SOA solutions, z/OS or other platforms, and the SOA products running on those platforms.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Mixed Platform Stack project
Chapter 2. Application development
Chapter 3. Front-end deployment (AIX, Linux for System z, and z/OS)
Chapter 4. Back-end deployment
Chapter 5. Securing integration points
Chapter 6. Testing the solution
Appendix A. Open issues
Appendix B. Detailed instructions

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