z9-109 Crypto and TKE V5 Update

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Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 28 December 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738494178
ISBN-13: 9780738494173
IBM Form #: SG24-7123-00
(146 pages)

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Authors: Patrick Kappeler, Lennie Dymoke-Bradshaw, Pekka Hanninen


This IBM Redbooks publication provides detailed information on the implementation of hardware cryptography in the new System z9, along with the new version of the Trusted Key Entry (TKE) workstation that is required when a TKE is to manage System z9 cryptographic coprocessors. It also addresses the CKDS sysplex support delivered in ICSF HCR7730, which is not dependent on the use of a System z9.
It is expected that the reader is familiar with zSeries hardware cryptography implementation and the purpose and usage of the TKE workstation.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction and overview
Chapter 2. CPACF enhancements in System z9
Chapter 3. The Crypto Express 2 Coprocessor
Chapter 4. ICSF overview, support for CEX2A and sysplex
Chapter 5. User Defined Extensions (UDX)
Chapter 6. TKE V5.0 overview and setup
Appendix A. CPACF programs
Appendix B. Programs used in sysplex testing

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