IBM WebSphere Voice Systems Solutions

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Published 13 January 2003, updated 29 January 2003

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ISBN-10: 073842773X
ISBN-13: 9780738427737
IBM Form #: SG24-6884-00
(598 pages)

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Authors: Rufus Credle, Guy Kempny, Suchita Dadhich, Ekaterina Dietrich, Jiong Hu, Justin Poggioli


The WebSphere Voice Server product is a member of the IBM WebSphere software family. It provides a platform that enables the creation of voice applications through industry standards such as VoiceXML and Java. The WebSphere Voice Server facilitates the deployment of voice applications by interfacing with voice standards such as Cisco VoIP, IBM DirectTalk, and Dialogic platforms. It further aids the development of these applications by providing development tools.

This IBM Redbooks publication discusses the functionality of WebSphere Voice Server in the context of real business environments. We introduce the voice environment and the WebSphere Voice Server. We cover in great detail the various operating platforms supported by WebSphere Voice Server (Dialogic, Cisco, and DirectTalk - also referred to as WebSphere Voice Response). The product has been further enhanced to function on both Intel and AIX systems. The book goes into some depth about this new functionality.

Additionally, we discuss both the Software Developers Kit (SDK) and the Voice Toolkit that are available for the development of voice applications. A step-by-step approach was taken to walk through the development of a VoiceXML application utilizing both of these tools, and taking advantage of the new functions provided within them.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Voice technologies
Chapter 2. IBM voice solutions
Chapter 3. WebSphere Voice Server with WebSphere Voice Response for Windows, V3.1
Chapter 4. WebSphere Voice Server with WebSphere Voice Response for AIX V3.1
Chapter 5. Cisco telephony environment
Chapter 6. Dialogic environment
Chapter 7. WebSphere Voice Server for Windows 2000 with Software Developers Kit V3.1
Chapter 8. VoiceXML application development using IBM Voice Toolkit 3.1
Chapter 9. VoiceXML application development using WebSphere Transcoding Publisher
Chapter 10. Voice Server language component
Chapter 11. WebSphere Voice Server hardware environments
Chapter 12. WebSphere Portal Technology for Voice
Appendix A. VXML application
Appendix B. Voice Server tool
Appendix C. Integration of Windows 2000 and AIX
Appendix D. Default.cff with English and German support
Appendix E. Default.cff with distributed system support

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