Selling IBM's Innovative Solutions

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Published 26 January 2007, updated 09 March 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738489549
ISBN-13: 9780738489544
IBM Form #: SG24-6330-01
(220 pages)

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Authors: LindaMay Patterson, Dave Bartek, Lynn Behnke, Srinivasa Bezwada, Richard Lai, Cheryl McPherson, LindaMay Patterson, Murthy Rallapalli, Keng Loon Yap


Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to help you sell IBM® solutions and enable IBM clients to become innovative businesses enabled by on demand. This IBM Redbooks publication serves as a practical reference for those who desire to understand the IBM innovation enabled by on demand and how to sell the IBM innovative technology. It provides the perfect starting point for those who want to integrate on demand business concepts into their selling practice. It also serves as a guide for anyone preparing to take the IBM Certified for On Demand Business Solutions Advisor V2 Exam via Test 818.

After reading this publication, your knowledge will expand in the following capacities:
You will understand the IBM Innovation enabled by on demand business strategy.
You will be able to identify business opportunities and target markets.
You will know how to sell solutions in line with the strategy.
You will have the ability to articulate and sell solutions that support Innovation enabled by on demand business.
You will understand how to be more adaptive to the dynamics in the marketplace.

Table of contents

Chapter 01. Introduction to selling solutions
Chapter 02. Innovation and on demand business
Chapter 03. Marketplace directions
Chapter 04. Sustaining innovation through on demand business
Chapter 05. Innovation enabled with on demand business value proposition
Chapter 06. Mapping the IBM offering: business and infrastructure solutions
Chapter 07. Building client relationships
Chapter 08. Creating a buying vision and energizing the sales process
Chapter 09. Moving the sale forward
Chapter 10. Resources, tools, and references
Chapter 11. Innovation enabled by on demand business examples
Appendix A. Sample test
Appendix B. Industry basics

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